We of BRASILMAG are proud to tell you a little of our story. After all, in such small amount of time, our company stood out in terms of organization, quality, sophistication and most importantly customer service.

In February 1989 young Tiago Sperotto dos Santos – born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES on December 28th of 1975 – at the age of only 14 years old, motivated by his own father started his activities in the sector of ornamental rocks at the Santos Leal company where he worked and developed his expertise at an incredible pace up to the age of 22.

At age 17 he started his commercial life in customer service at marble and granite stores. At age 19 he had already served major and estimated constructions through construction companies mainly in the capital of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte. At age 22 he decided to start his own business and become director at Brasilmag, a solid and very promising company in the field of ornamental rocks.

Founded in October 1998, in the municipality of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, state of Espírito Santo, Brasilmag started its activities with just one rotating crane. At this time, BRASILMAG served only clients of the southeast part of the country, mainly coming from the city of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

With a lot of commitment and dedication from the very beginning, always valuing good customer service, BRASILMAG acquired new units and better equipment, increased its clientele, and improved the qualification of staff while always maintaining respect and professionalism acquired over time.

Nowadays, BRASILMAG is located in the municipality of Atílio Vivacqua, covering a total of 23.000m². The industrial complex is modern, being equipped with gantries, hydraulic tensioner looms, a polishing machine, a waxing machine, a cutter crane, a plate dryer, a block-turner, a press-filter, and a block-framing center with a production capacity of 25.000m²/month and an average supply of 40.000m². On top of this, BRASILMAG, today, serves all regions of Brazil.

With all this curriculum, we are pleased to tell our story. Certainly in the future we will have reached even farther heights to add to our record.

Now that you know a bit more about BRASILMAG, familiarize yourself as well with our line of materials and products.

Remember, we are always ready to serve, to provide top-notch products, fast delivery, always respecting our clients based on the values we acquired.


To benefit and market ornamental rocks in all national territory, producing plates and tiles, serving the needs of our clients by offering a diversity of high-end products and serving fast and flexibly in negotiations.

To contribute to the fine trimming of constructions with refinement, durability and a variety of products serving the expectations of our clients through a technologically-updating of our staff, in respect to the environment and profitability of the business.

To focus on the sales development, supplying the market with high-end products, ensuring the continuity of delivery at a fair price.

Seriedade: Empenho em assumir todos os compromissos com nossos clientes, fornecedores comerciais, colaboradores e sociedade;

Integrity: Determination in making a commitment to all our clients, commercial suppliers, personnel, and society;

Respect: To promote social well-being. Provided the inherent risks of our activity, we promote educational and instructive seminars related to individual and collective safety, encouraging the use of equipment with safety;

Responsibility: The environment, Regional sustainability, Staff safety and satisfaction of our clients;

Credibility: A nice image of the company in association with the market, supplying customers, staff and society.

Innovation: Technological innovation of systems and production equipment, training of human resources and implementation of ISO 9001:2008, ensuring quality optimization at lower costs.