Brasilmag in its mission makes the commitment to contribute continuously to the market of ornamental rocks, envisioning continuance in the market through good practices in its management. As one of the values is responsibility in shaping a better world, it acts in a way to contribute to the future of people and the planet. This way, we are challenged daily to minimize our activities’ impact on the environment, directing our efforts to ensure an environmental management system based on the following principles:

Legal Conformity
Follow the legal requirements and others endorsed by the organization, overcome them when possible, controlling and monitoring the processes.

Rational use of natural resources
Seek the austere use of natural resources through management dedicated to consuming licensed raw material, water reutilization in our production processes associated to the choice of clean technologies.

Susteinable product’s life-cycle

  • Consider minimization of environmental impact;
  • Opt for technologies that minimize the amount of waste and adopt processes that allow its reutilization;
  • Allocation of solid waste to the waste deposit licensed by IEMA – Instituto Estadual de Meio Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos.

Educate and evoke environmental awareness in the staff and community through intern programs and environmental actions such as the REFORESTATION OF THE MUQUI RIVER MARGINS in the company’s headquarters municipality, the FIGHT AGAINST DRUGS IN SCHOOL PROGRAM, and the REFORESTING IS CULTIVATING LIVES project.